Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Made Chocolate Family

Today went to the training centre to collect my spatula which I had left behind in the kitchen. Met the trainer, Chef Steven who was busy cleaning the kitchen that his students had messed up yesterday. There were lots of chocolate coated finger prints on two of the chillers' doors - definitely our fine work of art *u*

Was also browsing at their shop showroom and ended up buying some dark chocolates of Ariba and Mara Clasifi variety and white chocolate. Was informed that Ariba is much bitter compared to Mara. Yesterday, we were using Felcor Rondo dark chocolate/couverture. For your info, the dark variety has greater cocoa butter content and less sugar compared to white or milk chocolate. In addition, the dark chocolate variety is healtier as it has anti oxidant. So for those who are watching their waistline, go for the dark choc variety which has less sugar content and good supply of antioxidant.

Also bought some nice box packaging to display the chocolate, as you would see from the photos, to better display their varieties. As the chocolates are handmade, their sizes may varies but attempt to have a consistent size will be practised.


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