Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nyonya Chang

The Chinese Glutinous Rice dumpling or "Chang" (Hokkien dialect) festival is just round the corner. Being celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese Calendar. The history of this Chinese dumpling from the little that I knew is related to the attempt of the Chinese community in China long time ago to save the life of one of their local scholar who was sentenced to death by drowning in the lake. The community cooked some glutinous rice filled with sweet meat and nuts wrapped with bamboo leaves and threw the wrapped rice into the lake - for the fish to eat? Not too sure....... Ai ya, will try to source for its story and update this blog which I believe for those who are unfamiliar with the story would love to know. Those who knew the story, you are welcome to share! Now.....my own curiousity is being pricked! LOL!

The Baba Nyonya Chang has a glaring physical difference from the normal Chang as it has blue hue which is taken from the Butterfly Pea Flower (Bunga Telang) juice. Its filling of minced meat is sweet and aromatic from the use of spices. Its size and shape is the same with the other dumplings.

The Baba Nyonya community is a group of minority Chinese in Malaysia that originated from China who came to Malaya (Malaysia's former name) together with Princess Hang Li Po's entourage who was betrothed to the Sultan of Malacca. This group of Chinese married the locals and adopted part of their way of life in terms of food, language, culture and even dressing whilst maintaining their Buddhism religion. Initially most Baba Nyonyas could only conversed in Malay Baba language which is Malay mixed with Hokkien language, and hardly spoke any Chinese. However, over time, most of them could now converse in their mother's tongue and some had even embraced other religions. The menfolk were addressed as Babas whereas the ladies were known as Nyonyas.

This community which is also known as "Peranakan" is found mostly along the Straits of Settlement ie Penang, Malacca and Singapore. Some had migrated to other places such as Kuala Lumpur. Yours truly is a Nyonya herself, from Malacca.

The Peranakan's culture is beautiful and colourful. One of the most recognised and appreciated culture is their housewares. In the photo below and above, the plate and bowl are some samples of their beautiful culture (the white and blue version). They also have a colourful version which I hope one day to share its beauty in this blog. My family does not own many of these beautiful wares as most of them were either sold by its owner or given away to other relatives. What a pity...... sigh...

Read this link if you are curious about the Baba Nyonya's background......

For those who wish to taste this unique Baba Nyonya glutinous rice dumpling, it is available for RM5.00 each, minimum order is 15 pieces. For quantity above 40 pieces, special price of RM4.70 each.
Requires 3 days of advance notice as they are freshly made and no preservatives are added. Furthermore, most ingredients are hand prepared.
Yippee.......found some links which have the story on the Chang........

Happy Reading!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chocolate Fountain REWARDS

Specially for Chocolate Fountain FANS........

....this lovely Chocolate Fondue Set is yours for having purchased 5kg and above of Chocolates for Chocolate Fountain, per order ..... Or.... for renting the 3-tier Chocolate Fountain machine 3 times in a year or 4-tier Chocolate Fountain 2 times a year.

This Chocolate Fondue set consists of a candle holder, a ceramic bowl & 4 pieces of stainless steel fork. It is a nice way to have your chocolate fondue at any time of the day with a small circle of family or friends..... or looking for romantic ideas? Psst...! It is believed that... Chocolate aids in creating the right mood...

The 3-tier Chocolate Fountain is suitable for 5 pax and above or .....if you enjoy seeing smooth flowing chocolate cascading gently from the fountain - buy or rent a unit!

REFERRAL Program Incentive......

For those who have been referring more than 5 of their family or friends to rent the Chocolate Fountain from me or had bought a total of 10kg of chocolates, TERIMA KASIH!!! For your kindness, a unit of this Chocolate Fondue set is on its way to you. Hope you would like it!

HURRY! Those who would like to own this Chocolate Fondue set for FREE, start referring Chocolate Fountain FUN to your family and friends as I have limited units left to be given away!

Just make sure your referrals mentioned your name upon booking the Chocolate Fountain and its chocolates to own this piece of Chocolate Fondue set for Free!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chocolate Fountain for SALE or RENT

As everyone loves chocolate (young or old), this chocolate fountain machine is a fun way to enjoy it at any time of the day. A good way to socialise and is an easy conversational piece if the mouth is not filled with its wide varieties of delicious dips covered with choc yet!

Suitable for private or corporate function eg birthday, baby shower, engagement party, wedding, graduation celebration, house warming, anniversary, social gathering with family or friends, new product launch, company's function, etc or any reasons that you feel like giving yourself and family/friends or even your customers a chocolate treat!

This Chocolate Fountain machine could also be used as Cheese Fountain - hmmmm...great with lots of different dips!

Made up of simple parts...... it is easy to assemble and clean. Hassle free! This unit is portable therefore you could carry it with you to anywhere you wish to hold your special function either indoor or outdoor. Just make sure there is a powerpoint, that's all! Remember to bring your favourite dips too!

2 sizes are available for RENTAL: 3-tier and 4-tier Chocolate Fountain. The 3-tier Chocolate Fountain is suitable for up to 100 guests whereas 4-tier is for 200 guests and above.


Imported Milk Chocolate buttons for the Fountain is available for sale! It's aromatic with the right sweetness to its taste.

Alternatively, you may call for Chocolate Fountain Catering Service which I do provide. Leave everything to me! For a quotation, tel me.

Call NOW to BOOK a unit for your function with a twist of FUN & UNIQUENESS to it! A definitely way to host a function that is memorable!

Tail end of the fun but Isaac is still enjoying it.........

Friday, May 8, 2009

Full Chocolate Taste

The chocolates are no longer for sale.
Good news for those who just wants to enjoy freshly made premium quality chocolate without any ganache.

There are 4 mouth watering choices for you to enjoy.....

Each weights about 10gm.

Milk Bottle

Handmade Choc is no longer for sale.

With the arrival of the newborn, you'll be busy with milk bottles, diapers, etc. Here's a chance for you to share your new found joy of "buzi-ness" with your family and friends by giving them edible milk bottles!

The milk bottles are available in pink, white and blue.

White chocolate is being used, each weights 15gm.

Er..is it feeding time yet.....?

Friday, May 1, 2009

FuN with Chocolate FoUNtain

Everyone loves chocolate especially the good quality variety!

Yesterday we had celebrated Nathanael's 13th birthday which fell on 30 Apr. Nate claimed God loves him more as everyone is given a holiday (Labour Day) the following day. Had a hearty meal of steamboat (Chinese fondue), bbq lamp shoulder and sausages followed by Western fondue using Chocolate Fountain!!

Have you tried bbq marshmallow? Try it! :)

Pix of birthday boy, Nate admiring his culinary skill and Isaac lending him the moral support.....

As everyone have had heavy dinner, therefore decided to prepare light dessert of dark chocolate using marshmallows, strawberries and bananas only as its dips.

Dark chocolate is suitable for the young and old especially those who doesn't have sweet teeth or trying to reduce their sugar intake.

The experience?

EVERYONE LOVED IT - fun for the young ones and memorable experience for the older people - my mom had experienced the joy of eating 3 types of fondue - chocolate, cheese and the soup type (similar to the Chinese steamboat) whilst we were holidaying in Switzerland a couple of years ago. This is her first with chocolate fountain - she enjoyed it!

The best part is that my sis-in -law who doesn't eat choc is a convert already! LOL!

What a nice way to end a good birthday dinner party! It was surprising though as all of us could still find the space in our stomach to fill it with dessert despite having had HEAVY meal earlier on..... ke, ke!

Happy Birthday Nathanael!

Friday, April 24, 2009

12 - 15 Piece Gift Box

Handmade choc is no longer for sale.

A very elegant piece of hardboard gift box, available in gold and silver, it could fill 12 -15 pieces of chocolates. Box will be layered with paper crepes to cushion the chocolates to ensure their comfort......

Heart Shape Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A lovely heart shape plastic container, could fit 16 - 19 pieces of chocolates.... very suitable for that special someone in your life....

16 - 19 Piece Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A lovely round plastic container which could fill 16 - 19 pieces of chocolates.

Bouquet of Chocolate Roses for....

Your Favourite People.....

Due to the demand from the Choc Fountain section, I regret that the handmade choc is no longer for sale. However, you are still welcomed to enjoy the ideas from this blog. Regret for the inconvenience.

Moulded some petite roses which are so.. (I must say) ...beautiful and adorable and thought it is timely as MOTHER'S DAY is just round the corner. @@@

So, instead of giving Mom the usual bouquet of flowers, surprise her with this lovely CHOCOLATE ROSES filled with her favourite ganache and ....she would be happy to note that the flowers are edible!

Am sure Mom would even share a piece of her bouquet with you!

Or...MOTHER'S DAY is here and you are not in town? No worries...... I could hand deliver the bouquet of CHOCOLATE ROSES to her (within Kuala Lumpur and PJ only) .....

Chocolates for Mom? Yup, and I'll recommend dark chocolate variety as it not only has lower sugar content but is High in antioxidant - healthier.

The DARK CHOCOLATE could be filled with milk chocolate ganache or strawberry ganache, or bitter chocolate with orange compound.

For that smooth creamy taste, Full Cream MILK CHOCOLATE is the answer to your craving.

If your Mom is like my Mom who loves to have that added crunch to her bite, there is ALMOND (strip) and HAZELNUT (whole) for her to enjoy her every chew.

The NUTS go well with MILK CHOCOLATE, .... DARK CHOCOLATE with NUT (almond or hazelnut).

Or .....adore peanuts but doesn't have the teeth for them? Replace the chunky nuts with PEANUT PASTE! Same price. *u*

Available also SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE. Very suitable for those who loves chocolate MINUS THE SUGAR.

More ROSIE IDEAs....... @@@

Besides Mom, this lovely chocolate bouquet could be given to your beloved wife, favourite teacher, niece, cousin, aunty, best friend, or anyone that you care.... even yourself!

For a Father with young child/children, get some Chocolate Roses for your children's mother (your wife leh...) during Mother's Day or any day.... You gotta celebrate this special day on your children's behalf as a way to thank her for her love - you may collect their dues once the children started working! LOL!

MILK CHOCOLATE with White FRUITY FLAVOUR such as lemon,banana and orange.
Available too..............., PINK ROSE (admiration, appreciation or joyfulness) and WHITE ROSE (innocence, purity, new beginning). Three flavours are available as fillings ie lemon, orange and milk. These are white chocolates.

The infamous RED ROSE (I love you) is available filled with strawberry flavour only. Do you know that a combo of WHITE & RED chocolate roses represents PURE LOVE? So....let the chocolates do the talking!

The flavouring used is of fruit compound - REAL FRUIT extract.
The Handmade Chocolates are freshly made and no preservatives are being added.

Each rose weights about 10gm.

To all MOTHERS............., HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you @->- @->

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party Pack C

The Shiny Pack C contains
- Mask
- Air Curler
- Feathery Balloon Shrieker
- Party Bag
- Shiny Hat

Pack Shiny is no longer available.

The Matt Pack C as shown above contains
- Mask
- Air Curler
- Feathery Balloon Shrieker
- Party Bag
- Matt Hat
Pack Matt is no longer available.
Min order is 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

Party Pack B

Pack B has
-Party Hat
-Whistle with mini windmill
-A Hand Roll
-Mini Bang Bag
Colour and print of products may varies. Available at RM4.90/pack, min order 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

Party Pack A

For the convenience of organising a fun filled party, I have prepared several types of party packs for you to choose..

Party Pack A consists of

- Mask

- Party Bag

- Feathery Balloon Shrieker

- Air Curler

Price is RM3-50/pack.

Min order is 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

A Boxful of Chocolates.....30 - 40 Piece Gift Box

In this lovely silver box (gold colour is also available), 30 adorable bunnies or approximately 40 pieces of standard sized chocolates could be placed safely in the soft comfort of colourful crepe papers.

A great gift idea for children - a box full of chocolate bunnies!!!! They'll definitely go ga-ga over the bunnies!

Or.....present a box filled with chocs to your party host/hostess for having included you in their guest list....... or having pot luck party and have no idea what to bring? Chocolates - HANDMADE of course!

Great party box toooo... just place this nice box filled with several selections of handmade chocolates on the buffet table for your guests to pick and choose......

If a box is not enough, add another box or two!