Friday, March 13, 2009

Chocolate Discovery

Today attended a chocolate making course and made fantastic discovery of this mouth watering candy.

I've attended it as I've always loved chocolate especially the feel of the cocoa melting slowly in the mouth, tasting its buttery and bitter sweetness filling the mouth and awakening my senses with its aromatic cocoa smell..... Apparently there's some fruity taste and smell which are associated with berries that only some people are able to identify especially those who enjoy berries unlike in Malaysia, as berries are not grown locally. That explains the burst of various tastes that is unique and makes me feel good. However, back to reality, this exotic taste could only be enjoyed on a fewer scale due to its high pricing.

I've never liked our local chocolate except for Cadbury brand as they are usually very sweet, hard and lack of that buttery cocoa taste.

Today's training has helped me to better understand our Malaysian cocoa bean better and the reason for the high cost of chocolate.

Making chocolate has many steps which require lots of work and patience which explains its costing besides the cost of raw material which are imported. The cocoa bean in Malaysia is apparently acidic therefore tastes sourish. Beans from other countries are used achieved the desired tastes.

I had fun during the training, believed the other participants enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

We were taught the basics of making chocolate using dark chocolate, ganache and praline, my favourites!

The photos in this blog displayed the varieties of chocolates that we were taught to make and they truly are mouth watering! I could hardly stop myself from licking my fingers and eating the left overs in the mixing bowl.

Since the chocolates are home made, no preservatives are being used (hooray!). Furthermore, the chocolates would only be made upon receipt of orders therefore they are fresh!

The photo showing a half bitten dark choc has soft dark ganache as its filling.

Look for more postings of my attempt to try my new venture of selling quality chocolate at reasonable price online with a touch of Malaysia's unique flavour.


Clare said...

Hey, I am your first follower! Come over and visit my blog and follow if you like! I am british, living in USA, and chocolate is one of the loves of my life. I adore the banner on your blog.

Handmadechoc said...

Hi Clare! It was nice to hv you following my blog after having put it up shortly y/day nite! Thanks for your encouragement! Hope to improve further the look and contents of this shop blog which I'll update it each time I hv made the choc. Do give me your feedback and thoughts!

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