Friday, April 24, 2009

12 - 15 Piece Gift Box

Handmade choc is no longer for sale.

A very elegant piece of hardboard gift box, available in gold and silver, it could fill 12 -15 pieces of chocolates. Box will be layered with paper crepes to cushion the chocolates to ensure their comfort......

Heart Shape Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A lovely heart shape plastic container, could fit 16 - 19 pieces of chocolates.... very suitable for that special someone in your life....

16 - 19 Piece Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A lovely round plastic container which could fill 16 - 19 pieces of chocolates.

Bouquet of Chocolate Roses for....

Your Favourite People.....

Due to the demand from the Choc Fountain section, I regret that the handmade choc is no longer for sale. However, you are still welcomed to enjoy the ideas from this blog. Regret for the inconvenience.

Moulded some petite roses which are so.. (I must say) ...beautiful and adorable and thought it is timely as MOTHER'S DAY is just round the corner. @@@

So, instead of giving Mom the usual bouquet of flowers, surprise her with this lovely CHOCOLATE ROSES filled with her favourite ganache and ....she would be happy to note that the flowers are edible!

Am sure Mom would even share a piece of her bouquet with you!

Or...MOTHER'S DAY is here and you are not in town? No worries...... I could hand deliver the bouquet of CHOCOLATE ROSES to her (within Kuala Lumpur and PJ only) .....

Chocolates for Mom? Yup, and I'll recommend dark chocolate variety as it not only has lower sugar content but is High in antioxidant - healthier.

The DARK CHOCOLATE could be filled with milk chocolate ganache or strawberry ganache, or bitter chocolate with orange compound.

For that smooth creamy taste, Full Cream MILK CHOCOLATE is the answer to your craving.

If your Mom is like my Mom who loves to have that added crunch to her bite, there is ALMOND (strip) and HAZELNUT (whole) for her to enjoy her every chew.

The NUTS go well with MILK CHOCOLATE, .... DARK CHOCOLATE with NUT (almond or hazelnut).

Or .....adore peanuts but doesn't have the teeth for them? Replace the chunky nuts with PEANUT PASTE! Same price. *u*

Available also SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE. Very suitable for those who loves chocolate MINUS THE SUGAR.

More ROSIE IDEAs....... @@@

Besides Mom, this lovely chocolate bouquet could be given to your beloved wife, favourite teacher, niece, cousin, aunty, best friend, or anyone that you care.... even yourself!

For a Father with young child/children, get some Chocolate Roses for your children's mother (your wife leh...) during Mother's Day or any day.... You gotta celebrate this special day on your children's behalf as a way to thank her for her love - you may collect their dues once the children started working! LOL!

MILK CHOCOLATE with White FRUITY FLAVOUR such as lemon,banana and orange.
Available too..............., PINK ROSE (admiration, appreciation or joyfulness) and WHITE ROSE (innocence, purity, new beginning). Three flavours are available as fillings ie lemon, orange and milk. These are white chocolates.

The infamous RED ROSE (I love you) is available filled with strawberry flavour only. Do you know that a combo of WHITE & RED chocolate roses represents PURE LOVE? So....let the chocolates do the talking!

The flavouring used is of fruit compound - REAL FRUIT extract.
The Handmade Chocolates are freshly made and no preservatives are being added.

Each rose weights about 10gm.

To all MOTHERS............., HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you @->- @->

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Party Pack C

The Shiny Pack C contains
- Mask
- Air Curler
- Feathery Balloon Shrieker
- Party Bag
- Shiny Hat

Pack Shiny is no longer available.

The Matt Pack C as shown above contains
- Mask
- Air Curler
- Feathery Balloon Shrieker
- Party Bag
- Matt Hat
Pack Matt is no longer available.
Min order is 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

Party Pack B

Pack B has
-Party Hat
-Whistle with mini windmill
-A Hand Roll
-Mini Bang Bag
Colour and print of products may varies. Available at RM4.90/pack, min order 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

Party Pack A

For the convenience of organising a fun filled party, I have prepared several types of party packs for you to choose..

Party Pack A consists of

- Mask

- Party Bag

- Feathery Balloon Shrieker

- Air Curler

Price is RM3-50/pack.

Min order is 30 packs and only for my handmade chocolate or chocolate fountain customers.

A Boxful of Chocolates.....30 - 40 Piece Gift Box

In this lovely silver box (gold colour is also available), 30 adorable bunnies or approximately 40 pieces of standard sized chocolates could be placed safely in the soft comfort of colourful crepe papers.

A great gift idea for children - a box full of chocolate bunnies!!!! They'll definitely go ga-ga over the bunnies!

Or.....present a box filled with chocs to your party host/hostess for having included you in their guest list....... or having pot luck party and have no idea what to bring? Chocolates - HANDMADE of course!

Great party box toooo... just place this nice box filled with several selections of handmade chocolates on the buffet table for your guests to pick and choose......

If a box is not enough, add another box or two!

Monday, April 13, 2009

1 Piece Gift Box

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from the Choc Fountain section! Regret for the inconveniece but do enjoy the ideas though!

Suitable to place a piece of chocolate, this gift box would be dressed with ribbon as shown. Ribbon colour may varies.

Personal Message, Name or Company Name could be printed on a gold label.


The sleeping angel is a very nice piece of display figurine which I couldn't resist but bought it! Sh....h... he's sleeping.....

1 Piece Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A very lovely gift box which you may either place on the table or distribute as door gift as a token of appreciation to your guests, customers or even to employees. Very elegant piece of box!

Available in 2 colours - gold or silver.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

22 piece Gift Box

Sorry, no longer available.

A clear plastic container with a nice diamond motif print on its cover, could fit 22 pieces of chocolates.

The gift box would be dressed with quality ribbons to give it the added edge to boost its look.

18 piece Gift Box

Sorry, out of stock.

An imported quality transparent plastic gift box with gold colour base. Very chic and certainly would put a smile on the recipient's face - chocolates usually have that effect!

This lovely gift box would be dressed with quality ribbons to complete its look :)

7 piece Gift Box

Back to nature. A lovely and versatile wooden gift box which I'll dressed it with tiny floral to enhance its natural look. Colour or choice of flower may vary depending on season (availability) :)

Sorry, no longer available.

Could fit 7 - 9 pieces of chocolates.

Could fill this versatile box with your trinkets, watch, stationery, jewelleries or even refill it with chocolates - definitely handmade chocs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel Ganache

A very comforting piece of taste..... At first bite, you could taste the bitterness from Mara Clasifi 65% dark chocolate which later reveals the white creamy chocolate ganache mixed with orange peel. Once you have bitten the pieces of peels in the ganache you'll release the tangy freshness into your mouth making you crave for more bites.......

Each piece with that rich taste of dark chocolate filled with antioxidant goodness.

Plucky chocolatier would pick this. Are you?

Milk Chocolate with Blue Berries

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from Choc Fountain Section. Regret for the inconvenience!
Oo...zing with blueberries, this piece of chocolate is milky compliments well with blueberries which gives it sweetness which is just right, not overpowering.

Tastes so good, you would lick the wrapper too - yours truly did that! Love it!

Milk Chocolate with Fruity Ganache

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from Choc Fountain section. Regret for the inconvenience but do enjoy the ideas from this blog though!

Premium chocolate for those who loves chocolate with a touch of fruity taste! Smooth and milky, this chocolate ganache will satisfy your chocolate craving!

4 Fruit Compound for you to choose; banana, strawberry, lemon or orange. Fruit compound is real fruit extract, not artificial flavouring. Pick one or even all four today!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute Bunnies

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from Choc Fountain! Regret for the inconvenience but do enjoy the blog though!

Created some beautiful bunny chocolates for a friend's BABY FULL MOON as part of her gift pack.

Her bunny is pink colour.

Initially I used white chocolate as its mould and dark chocolate ganache with a hint of orange (tastes great!) as its filling however :( , noted the bunnies appear to have had chocolate bath!

To "clean" them, I have exchanged the fillings with white chocolate mixed with full cream and voila, clean baby bunnies !

The fillings tasted sweet, soft and creamy - it reminded me of full cream milk! Soft and smooth. Very appropriate to include as baby full moon or baby shower gift pack. And they are sooooooo adorable!!!

By the way, the bunnies could also be used as part of your EASTER celebration goodies either as a gift or just to decorate your dining table prior to consuming it as dessert!

Happy Easter!

Children Loves Bunnies & Chocolate!

Therefore this candy is a great GIFT idea to them at any children's event, parties, or just as a nice treat to them.

Congrats Pauline on your new bunny Hwee Liang!
Each bunny weights about 15gm - must be their full cream diet.