Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Boxful of Chocolates.....30 - 40 Piece Gift Box

In this lovely silver box (gold colour is also available), 30 adorable bunnies or approximately 40 pieces of standard sized chocolates could be placed safely in the soft comfort of colourful crepe papers.

A great gift idea for children - a box full of chocolate bunnies!!!! They'll definitely go ga-ga over the bunnies!

Or.....present a box filled with chocs to your party host/hostess for having included you in their guest list....... or having pot luck party and have no idea what to bring? Chocolates - HANDMADE of course!

Great party box toooo... just place this nice box filled with several selections of handmade chocolates on the buffet table for your guests to pick and choose......

If a box is not enough, add another box or two!


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