Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute Bunnies

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from Choc Fountain! Regret for the inconvenience but do enjoy the blog though!

Created some beautiful bunny chocolates for a friend's BABY FULL MOON as part of her gift pack.

Her bunny is pink colour.

Initially I used white chocolate as its mould and dark chocolate ganache with a hint of orange (tastes great!) as its filling however :( , noted the bunnies appear to have had chocolate bath!

To "clean" them, I have exchanged the fillings with white chocolate mixed with full cream and voila, clean baby bunnies !

The fillings tasted sweet, soft and creamy - it reminded me of full cream milk! Soft and smooth. Very appropriate to include as baby full moon or baby shower gift pack. And they are sooooooo adorable!!!

By the way, the bunnies could also be used as part of your EASTER celebration goodies either as a gift or just to decorate your dining table prior to consuming it as dessert!

Happy Easter!

Children Loves Bunnies & Chocolate!

Therefore this candy is a great GIFT idea to them at any children's event, parties, or just as a nice treat to them.

Congrats Pauline on your new bunny Hwee Liang!
Each bunny weights about 15gm - must be their full cream diet.


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