Monday, April 13, 2009

1 Piece Gift Box

Handmade choc is no longer for sale due to the demand from the Choc Fountain section! Regret for the inconveniece but do enjoy the ideas though!

Suitable to place a piece of chocolate, this gift box would be dressed with ribbon as shown. Ribbon colour may varies.

Personal Message, Name or Company Name could be printed on a gold label.


The sleeping angel is a very nice piece of display figurine which I couldn't resist but bought it! Sh....h... he's sleeping.....


Twainny said...

hi there, i am interest to the bunny chocolate for easter gift. I know easter day is past already. My co. is going to celebrate it next week. May i know the price per piece (include packing or not?) TQ :)

Handmadechoc said...

Hello Twainny! Thanks for your enquiry. The bunnies are lovely easter gift. You are not alone...... I am still making easter bunnies for customer this week.

There are several choices which you may view under Easter label. My chocolates are filled with ganache and are handmade with no added preservatives.

I have new chocolate flavour this week where fruit compound is being added to the ganache (real fruit extract) which is strawberry, banana, orange and lemon. For the added fruit compound it costs RM2.50/piece. Otherwise milk or white chocolate is RM1.50/piece without any ganache. Kindly note, RM1/piece is using local chocolate.

The bunny weights about 15gm each therefore costs slightly more. Normal chocolate weights about 10gm.

For those who likes dark chocolate (healthier as it contains antioxidant) either as the mould or ganache, additional 50sen is required to be added as the raw material is expensive.

My standard packaging is in plastic container however if the chocolates are meant as gift, you may choose the gift box from Suggested Gift Box label or Gift Ideas or Door Gift label.

Hope my input helps you, otherwise do let me know.

Btw, I also offer chocolate fountain catering service. If you need the details, do provide me with your email.


Twainny said...

hi there, I have inform the main person in charge for this event. Hope they will contact you directly once final decision have made. Thank you for your prompt response to my message. I will recommend other fren to visit this site.

Twainny said...

I suggest you get an account in FAcebook. All the people play facebook frequently. Can spread the goodness faster. HOpe can have the opportunity to taste on your chocolate.

Handmadechoc said...

Hi Twainny

So nice of you to provide me with the referrals and suggestions. I appreciate your kind thoughts very much!

I did advertised on facebook using the pay per click method. However, felt that the enquiries received compared to the advert expense does not tally - therefore had suspended the account at the moment.

Well, if any of your referrals purchase my chocs, I'll definitely reward you for your good work ;)

Twainny said...

thanks for your reply. I am interest to order to hav the try of your chocolate. What is your suggestion for the first timer? my preference is dark chocolate or with nuts but not raisin.

Thank you!

Handmadechoc said...

Hi Twainny

Sorry for the delay as overlooked this page. Thank you for wanting to try my chocolates. My suggestion is that since you like dark chocolate, try it with bitter orange ganache ($1.10), dark chocolate with milk chocolate ganache (a balance taste, $1.10) or totally dark chocolate ($1.15) and for the added crunchy bite try dark chocolate with nuts (hazel or almond), $1.20. The mould would be the rose mould which I think you'll like very much. Mouth popping size. Let me know your thoughts.

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