Friday, May 1, 2009

FuN with Chocolate FoUNtain

Everyone loves chocolate especially the good quality variety!

Yesterday we had celebrated Nathanael's 13th birthday which fell on 30 Apr. Nate claimed God loves him more as everyone is given a holiday (Labour Day) the following day. Had a hearty meal of steamboat (Chinese fondue), bbq lamp shoulder and sausages followed by Western fondue using Chocolate Fountain!!

Have you tried bbq marshmallow? Try it! :)

Pix of birthday boy, Nate admiring his culinary skill and Isaac lending him the moral support.....

As everyone have had heavy dinner, therefore decided to prepare light dessert of dark chocolate using marshmallows, strawberries and bananas only as its dips.

Dark chocolate is suitable for the young and old especially those who doesn't have sweet teeth or trying to reduce their sugar intake.

The experience?

EVERYONE LOVED IT - fun for the young ones and memorable experience for the older people - my mom had experienced the joy of eating 3 types of fondue - chocolate, cheese and the soup type (similar to the Chinese steamboat) whilst we were holidaying in Switzerland a couple of years ago. This is her first with chocolate fountain - she enjoyed it!

The best part is that my sis-in -law who doesn't eat choc is a convert already! LOL!

What a nice way to end a good birthday dinner party! It was surprising though as all of us could still find the space in our stomach to fill it with dessert despite having had HEAVY meal earlier on..... ke, ke!

Happy Birthday Nathanael!


Fondue Maker said...

What lovely pictures! I think I'll try this for my family.

Handmadechoc said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. Yes, we had fun with the fondue that nite! Just do it with your family and you'll be rewarded rightly. Cheers!

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