Saturday, March 27, 2010

More ChocoLate FouNtain Fans (+ the funs)

I was involved in a Chocolate Fountain catering service this morning in a lovely house to celebrate the birthday of 2 of their daughters. The host and hostess were a colorful lot and friendly.
As usual, whenever the chocolate fountain is being set up, the little guests would be very excited..... plus some parents too.... Many children would stop by the table to speak excitedly about the chocolate fountain and some brave ones would even attempt to dip their choiced dips into the flowing chocolate even before the party officially starts!

The hostess and I had our hands full trying to disuade the children from the attraction of the free flow of the chocolate and had to convince them to participate in the other activities that she had organised for the children before meal time!
Occassionally,there will be one or two children who would stray from their activities to the chocolate fountain table and took a bite of the dippings spread out on the table!

There were several kids who admitted that they LOVE.......... CHOCOLATE and they are the ones who had faithfully stood by the fountain throughout the party even after the party had ended!
Could you identify them?

I had a good time watching the children's faces and antics whenever they are around the chocolate fountain......they have their own style and preference of eating.....some dipping the fruits , marshmallows or even biscuits into the fountain or..... merely sucking the sticks coated with chocolate only. One even attempted to lick the chocolate off the fountain!
At the end of the party, the diehard chocolate fans were rewarded with a cup each of the chocolate scooped from the flowing lava. The wonder and smile on their faces as they each took their cups filled with hot chocolate!
Worth the effort of waking up early Sunday morning to help make this birthday party fun successfully!


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