Friday, June 18, 2010

Alternative Method to Motivate your Staff.....

Have you thought of a fun way to make your staff happy and energetic?

Ok, ok... besides the mention of bonus......

A better alternative to motivational talk? It also does not even hurt the pocket!

This client of mine threw a Chocolate Party for his staff! Very innovative!

Just look at their lavish chocolates, cakes and donuts spread! But of course there were other food too....however, chocolate reigns in this party!

I have to admit that despite being busy attending to their staff's hungry frenzy for chocolate fountain's goodies ( I was, ahem, salivating just looking at their generous chocolate(y) and sweet offerings!).
It was a great joy seeing these people enjoying themselves. Of course there were games and other activities organised by their department's admin staff that had kept them busy and entertained prior to makan time (tea time). Thus after their activities, they were in dire need to replace their depleted energy and voices!

Despite having taken so many shots of the chocolate fountain (whenever I have the time or remembered to carry my camera!), I never seems to get tired of shooting photos of the chocolate fountain!! The colourful display of the food was so heavenly to a chocoholic like me! He, he!

So feast your eyes! Otherwise, call me to organise one Chocolate Party!

Who is my client? Scroll down.....
Last minute decision to take a photo while waiting for the lift to the car park. As you could see, it was a real quick shot and therefore the result is not so good. Moreover, the lift carriage had arrived!

Thanks 8tv Admin Dept!


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