Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easy lah!!!

Preparing the chocolate fountain is easy.... let me show you....

Add your favourite chocolate onto the chocolate fountain as shown. Here, I had mixed milk and dark chocolate.....yummmm.......mmy!

Then, wait for the chocolate to melt........

Melted and flowing smoothly like a fountain! Wow!! Peanuts kan?! Told ya!

Of course you have to turn on the motor knob leh!

Ok, ok, now the important part...... to enjoy it.....

First you choose your favourite dips...........whistle, whistle... this, this, add this and this, this and add another or three...sticklah!

Gently, dip the sticks into the flowing chocolate!!!

He, he.... buat untuk saya!!

Finally, place them onto a plate. Mine!!!

Let's try to concentrate yah...(I smelled chocolate!! Ooh.... ! )

So near yet so far....

The bursts of colours!! What pleasant sight and

Chocolate fountain is very versatile and could fit any where easily: big or small function, private or public event or even for your personal indulgence!

Chocolate fountain enjoyed by every age group. It sure makes it easy for everyone to have fun with chocolate!

She just loves the chocolate! Hmmm....

Colourful spread!!! Let's indulge our senses!

Eh...... marshmallow!! I want, I want!

Chocolate fountain could create the desired romantic ambiance with the correct lighting and dippings!

Indulge and have fun! Cheerio!

It was a grand and colourful wedding party, Lin & Ray! Congrats!


cikmanggis said...

Hi Ann!!! tak sabar rasanya nak guna my chocolate fountain :)..yum yum

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann ;-) It was a beautiful wedding and the fact that the choc fondue made it look nicer ;-) -Lin & Ray

handmadechocolate said...

Hi Lin! Thanks for your nice comments!

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