Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Cake vs Chocolate Fountain

Let's step into a wonderful wedding of

In replace of the conventional wedding cake, this innovative newly weds decide to add glamour to their special day by having a chocolate fountain as their master piece to be enjoyed by everyone....

For the new couple ... the king and queen of the day....

All is perfect..........

This is fun and delicious!!

Ada lagi tak?

Yeh....managed to get a spoonful of chocolate grapes!!!!! Ahhh......gulp!

Trying to coat as much chocolate as possible on these grapes....roll...roll.. Where are they???

The aftermath of a beautiful wedding dinner..... with chocolate fountain fun!

Friday, December 17, 2010

What connects wedding with Palace and Horses?

Fancy holding a chocolate fountain as pre-dinner cocktail? Beneficial for those who arrives early for the dinner besides adding a touch of glamour to the dinner function (early cheers to the children and adults too :0 )

A lovely sight to behold, tastes just as great!

Enjoyed by all age group and .....gender

This table is so.... popular that at times I have to excuse myself to give my space to the chocolate lovers.

One marshmallow? Where got enough? Dip, dip tooooo........

Brave men must must try! Superb!

Do for me.....please..... Wahhhhhh!

Lovely chocolate lover!

It's so delicious, let's forget dinner!

We thought this is dinner!

Good cheers and wishes to Kia & Ivy How on your lives together! Wish the life you are building is sampai cucu cicit!

Thanks James Kon for inviting me to be a part of this lovely wedding pre-cocktail dinner @ Palace of the Golden Horses!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hari Raya Puasa Gathering

Recently there was a great Raya event organised by the Jabatan Peguam Negara at Putrajaya. Who says lawyers don't know how to have fun? It just proves they do and they do host very colourful event too!

Of course Chocolate Fountain was included in this lovely fiesta type event. Thanks to Nadira for making the arrangement and her lovely team members from Drafting Division. Their team work has enabled me to set up and clean the booth with a breeze!

Here's a picture of the team members and their lovely booth. Understood that the response to the chocolate fountain was overwhelming that the ladies manning the booth was crying out for help as the chocolate ran out! But with their innovativeness and of course with some tips from yours truly, all went well!
Good work ladies! Cheers!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Alternative Method to Motivate your Staff.....

Have you thought of a fun way to make your staff happy and energetic?

Ok, ok... besides the mention of bonus......

A better alternative to motivational talk? It also does not even hurt the pocket!

This client of mine threw a Chocolate Party for his staff! Very innovative!

Just look at their lavish chocolates, cakes and donuts spread! But of course there were other food too....however, chocolate reigns in this party!

I have to admit that despite being busy attending to their staff's hungry frenzy for chocolate fountain's goodies ( I was, ahem, salivating just looking at their generous chocolate(y) and sweet offerings!).
It was a great joy seeing these people enjoying themselves. Of course there were games and other activities organised by their department's admin staff that had kept them busy and entertained prior to makan time (tea time). Thus after their activities, they were in dire need to replace their depleted energy and voices!

Despite having taken so many shots of the chocolate fountain (whenever I have the time or remembered to carry my camera!), I never seems to get tired of shooting photos of the chocolate fountain!! The colourful display of the food was so heavenly to a chocoholic like me! He, he!

So feast your eyes! Otherwise, call me to organise one Chocolate Party!

Who is my client? Scroll down.....
Last minute decision to take a photo while waiting for the lift to the car park. As you could see, it was a real quick shot and therefore the result is not so good. Moreover, the lift carriage had arrived!

Thanks 8tv Admin Dept!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easy lah!!!

Preparing the chocolate fountain is easy.... let me show you....

Add your favourite chocolate onto the chocolate fountain as shown. Here, I had mixed milk and dark chocolate.....yummmm.......mmy!

Then, wait for the chocolate to melt........

Melted and flowing smoothly like a fountain! Wow!! Peanuts kan?! Told ya!

Of course you have to turn on the motor knob leh!

Ok, ok, now the important part...... to enjoy it.....

First you choose your favourite dips...........whistle, whistle... this, this, add this and this, this and add another or three...sticklah!

Gently, dip the sticks into the flowing chocolate!!!

He, he.... buat untuk saya!!

Finally, place them onto a plate. Mine!!!

Let's try to concentrate yah...(I smelled chocolate!! Ooh.... ! )

So near yet so far....

The bursts of colours!! What pleasant sight and

Chocolate fountain is very versatile and could fit any where easily: big or small function, private or public event or even for your personal indulgence!

Chocolate fountain enjoyed by every age group. It sure makes it easy for everyone to have fun with chocolate!

She just loves the chocolate! Hmmm....

Colourful spread!!! Let's indulge our senses!

Eh...... marshmallow!! I want, I want!

Chocolate fountain could create the desired romantic ambiance with the correct lighting and dippings!

Indulge and have fun! Cheerio!

It was a grand and colourful wedding party, Lin & Ray! Congrats!