Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photos of a thousand words

I was at UiTM Shah Alam for their No Wine and Cheese event yesterday. A nite of recognition to their smart students and fun filled nite with games, show and food.

No words to describe the delicious...ness of the chocolate........hmmmm... hmmm!
She just loves chocolates and there's no stopping! Hold her please!!!!
I forgot (was kicking myself silly today for that) to snap the pretty set up of their surrounding which was on a circular field with pretty fountain in the centre.
The place was cleverly adorned with "gigantic sweets and candies" next to the fountain and its surrounding. Oh... there is also a palace which was beautifully crafted and there were colourful lights beaming on the castle.
Furthermore, here, the trees surrounding the venue were sprouting gigantic coloured sweets too!
Bravo to the Persatuan Undang-Undang committees.
A special thanks to Aloysius who was a real gentleman to help me with my trolley before and after the event, Adeeb for taking care of us tenants, Joann for her nite call and follow up, and Dbah for inviting me. You've done well!

Enjoy the photos......


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